Truck Month at Royal Palm Toyota

Royal Palm Toyota has a great assortment of vehicles that we are sure you will like, but it is our truck selection that truly stands out above the rest. The 2017 Toyota Tacoma and 2017 Toyota Tundra are two of the hottest trucks on the market today and we are proud to offer them both at Royal Palm Toyota. Have a look at both of these tough trucks below and decide which one is best for you.

2017 Toyota Tacoma

The 2017 Toyota Tacoma is one of the top selling trucks out today and it has no intentions on slowing down. Consistently topping charts of resale value as well, the Tacoma is a tried and true truck that fits all drivers. Its smaller-then-most size and great handling make it the perfect off-road vehicle as you can get through and over almost anything.

The exterior of the 2017 Toyota Tacoma is full of new changes that are sure to catch your eye. With an aggressive grill and new suspension, the Tacoma will hardly break a sweat on the off-roads. Interested in more than just the base model? The 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is just for you. With a 1-inch front lift and a hood scoop, your new truck is going to be the talk of the town. Both trims, the base model and the TRD Pro offer a loud and tough 278 horsepower and a 4×4 drivetrain, something that will come in handy on those tough hills.

The 2017 Toyota Tacoma‘s interior is just as exciting as the exterior. A wide touchscreen has been strategically installed so you can see things quickly and clearly in the included navigation system. Leather seats and a quiet cabin make this truck almost feel like an SUV with how comfortable your ride will be.

2017 Toyota Tundra

While the Tacoma is a beast in its own right, the Tundra is that big brother that always wins. With its immense size and powerful engine, this truck will give you all the muscle you have been craving.

The 2017 Toyota Tundra produces an impressive 310 horsepower out of its 4.6L V* engine, hardly a match for any other truck to compete with. If 310 horses do not do it for you, how about an upgraded trim that comes with a 5.7L V8 engine producing 381 hp? With a towing capacity of 10,500 pounds, you can haul your boat from beach to beach without ever thinking twice.

While the Tundra may be more expensive than the Tacoma, it is well worth the money. The performance you get in return is unmatched and like all Toyotas, they are built to last for years to come.

Come down to Royal Palm Toyota today and have a look at the all-new 2017 Toyota Tacoma and 2017 Toyota Tundra and see what all the hype is about. Don’t forget, all new 2017 Toyota Trucks purchased with Royal Palm Toyota include 4 years of complimentary maintenance, which is a deal that is too good to pass up!

Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale List: the Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, and Tundra

Kelley Blue Book (KBB) is one of the most useful resources for today’s information-seeking driver. The company catalogs information on just about every make and model of automobile on the market today and organizes that information into categories that may appeal to drivers.

One such area of interest is the resale value of a vehicle. This plays a huge role in decision making when it comes time to buy or sell a car. Resale value can be thought of as how much a vehicle can be worth after a period of time. Usually and understandably, cars are worth more when they’re new. Classics and one-offs are a different story.

KBB provides a list of cars with the best resale value. Of the 10 cars that appear on the most recent list, Toyota takes three spots, making it one of only two auto manufacturers to appear more than once. What’s even better for Toyota is where its cars appear on the list. The company holds the number one spot, the number two spot, and the number six spot.

2016 Toyota Tundra” data-mce-href=”’s%20Best%20Resale%20List:%20the%20Toyota%20Tacoma,%204Runner,%20and%20Tundra“>Tacoma

Over half of the midsize trucks sold in the United States are Tundra” data-mce-href=”’s%20Best%20Resale%20List:%20the%20Toyota%20Tacoma,%204Runner,%20and%20Tundra“>Tacomas. As far as an all-purpose vehicle that performs well, gives drivers what they need, and doesn’t depreciate while doing so, the Tundra” data-mce-href=”’s%20Best%20Resale%20List:%20the%20Toyota%20Tacoma,%204Runner,%20and%20Tundra“>Tacoma deservedly occupies the top spot on KBB’s list.

The Toyota Tundra” data-mce-href=”’s%20Best%20Resale%20List:%20the%20Toyota%20Tacoma,%204Runner,%20and%20Tundra“>Tacoma edges out the competition on too many fronts for it not to ring in as the heavyweight champion of bang-for-your-buck trucks.

2016 Toyota 4Runner

The 4Runner faces tough competition from other auto manufacturers from time to time, but it managed to make the number two spot on KBB’s list of vehicles with the best resale value.

The SUV market is flooded with different takes on the class. The 4Runner does everything all of the other SUVs can do and then some, but it does so without hemorrhaging dollar signs behind it as it is driven down the road.

For its longevity, durability, and ability to tackle obstacles other SUVs can’t, the 4Runner belongs on KBB’s list.

2016 Toyota Tundra

Although the Tundra is a little lower on the list than the Tacoma and the 4Runner, it’s Toyota’s biggest, meanest, most powerful truck.

The Tundra can tow and haul a massive amount of weight, beating out domestic competitors by getting the job done without breaking the bank.

The Tundra will always sell well because it’s a strong, capable workhorse that shrugs off wear and tear.

Get the Most for Your Money – Why Now is the Perfect Time to Buy the Toyota Tundra or Tacoma

If you have been in the market for a smart and stylish new pickup truck, look no further. Toyota has one of the best lines of pickup trucks on the market today, and now is the perfect time to buy the rugged Tundra or the roomy and fun to drive Tacoma.
No matter what kind of pickup truck you have your eye on, now is the perfect time to buy. With tons of incentives, special offers and excellent financing terms, there has never been a better time to put a brand new Toyota Tacoma or Toyota Tundra pickup truck in your driveway or garage.
Both the Tacoma and the Tundra have a lot to offer, and you can see them for yourself when you visit Royal Palm Toyota. The 2016 Toyota Tundra is one of the roomiest, most powerful and most rugged pickup trucks on the road today, with a ton of advanced features and luxurious touches you might not expect in a pickup.
The 2016 Toyota Tundra is also one of the most powerful pickup trucks on the market. If you are looking for a pickup truck that can haul your belongings and get you to where you are going, the Tundra is a smart choice, and now is a great time to buy one. Whether you choose the base model Tundra with its 310-horsepower engine or the top of the line 381-horsepower version, you will have plenty of towing power for the road ahead.
Now is also the perfect time for towing, and the Toyota Tundra can be your partner as you tow your boat or trailer. With a towing capacity starting at 6,400 pounds and topping out at a whopping 10,500 pounds, the Tundra can haul just about anything, making this season the perfect time to buy this model. 

If you prefer something a little smaller, now is also the perfect time to buy a 2016 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. The Tacoma is one of the most reliable and most stylish pickup trucks on the market today, and with the current incentives and special financing offers it is also one of the most affordable.
The 2016 Toyota Tacoma is also one of the most fuel efficient pickup trucks in its class, with an EPA rating of up to 19 mpg city and up to 24 mpg highway. But that fuel economy does not come at the expense of power – the 2016 Toyota Tacoma offers a wide range of engines, with horsepower ratings starting at 159 and topping out at 278.
There has never been a better time to add a brand new Toyota pickup truck to your garage. If you have been craving the rugged power and modern luxury of a Toyota pickup truck, there is no reason to wait any longer. Just head down to Royal Palm Toyota today to see the smart and stylish 2016 Toyota Tacoma and the rugged and roomy 2016 Toyota Tundra for yourself. Your test drive is waiting.

A Look at the 2016 Toyota Tundra

If you immediately think of fuel-sipping hybrid sedans when you hear the word Toyota, the 2016 Toyota Tundra just may be enough to change your mind. While Toyota is not as well known for trucks as its American rivals, the iconic Japanese nameplate has been making inroads in this popular market.

Since the market for pickup trucks has been on fire in recent years, this move by Toyota should play out quite well for the automaker. The 2016 Tundra is Toyota’s entry in the lucrative full-size pickup truck market segment, and it is an impressive entry indeed.

In addition to the fact that the Toyota Tundra is a full-size workhorse, the Tundra model is also notable for the fact that starting in 2016 this popular full-size pickup truck will be available with a diesel engine. The only thing hotter than the market for pickup trucks is the market for diesels, and this pickup truck model is expected to score big on both counts.

For the 2016 model year, the Toyota will be available with a V-8 diesel engine, providing plenty of power for work, play or everyday commuting. Making the entry into the diesel market even more impressive is the fact that renowned engine maker Cummins will be supplying the diesel power plant for the new Tundra.

In addition to its impressive new Cummins diesel, the 2016 Toyota Tundra comes with a choice of four different engines. The base engine produces 270 horsepower and 278-lb-ft of torque, and it comes paired with a five-speed automatic transmission. This engine gets a respectable 16 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway – comparable to other pickups of its size and power.

While ordinary drivers are unlikely to put it to the test, the 2016 Toyota Tundra goes from zero to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds, making it a tad faster than previous models. The 2016 Tundra is rated for a top speed of 112 mph – again something that most drivers will probably not put to the test.

The market for full-size pickup trucks has been growing steadily for the past several years, and the recent drop in oil prices is only expected to fuel the popularity of this vehicle class. If you are in the market for a new full-size pickup truck, the new 2016 Toyota Tundra is definitely one to consider. The fuel economy and the available diesel engine are certainly points in its favor, as is its excellent ratings for horsepower and torque.

Before you buy a new full-size pickup trucks from rivals like Ford, Chevy or Nissan, you owe it to yourself to at least test drive the 2016 Toyota Tundra and see what it has to offer. Toyota has long been known for its commitment to quality and customer service, and the 2016 Tundra is a worthy addition to the stable of this popular Japanese carmaker.