Toyota Announces New Driver Technology Research Projects

Toyota has always been a big proponent of driver safety, establishing the Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC) in January 2011. This group is made up of various universities and hospitals across the country that assist with projects to make the road a safer place for everyone. The next projects that this coalition will be working on focus on the relationship between a driver and emerging vehicle technologies and we at Royal Palm Toyota can’t wait to tell you all about them!

Overall, eight different research institutions in the United States will work on a total of 11 different projects as a part of CSRC Next. CSRC Next is a special five-year initiative dedicated to embracing future technologies in the driving experience.

While each project will focus on something different, they will follow four main tracks. One will look into the integration of passive and active safety systems to personalize how a car reacts in the event of a crash. Another will investigate the driver-vehicle relationship and determine ways to make advanced technologies more socially acceptable. Some projects will focus on detecting the physiology and health of the driver to estimate how safe it is for them to take the wheel. Lastly, researchers will try to develop algorithms to learn about naturalistic driving data.

Researchers at CSRC are excited about the new efforts, including Director Chuck Gulash.

“Autonomous and connected vehicle technologies are only just beginning to transform the transportation landscape,” said Gulash in a statement. “By working together with world-renowned institutions and making our results public, we are proud to help realize the promise of advanced mobility solutions and a safe, convenient transportation future.”

Overall, CSRC Next will spend $35 million on the research in an effort to safely transition the world to future mobility technologies.

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