Thanksgiving Road Trip Necessities

Out-of-town Thanksgiving adventures mean road trips, and at Royal Palm Toyota, we are happy to give you the breakdown on all Thanksgiving road trip necessities to make your trip great. Check out our guide to keep your holiday trips fun, interesting, and safe.

Clean It Up

Before you take off on your Thanksgiving road trip, clean out your vehicle. Wipe down the dashboard, vacuum the interior, bring in anything you won’t need, and run it through a car wash. This can help keep the car clean and pleasant for your road trip companions, but removing excess items from your vehicle can actually help the fuel economy, saving you gas money.

Chargers and Adapters

iPads, laptops, phones, Kindles–whatever you and your family use in the car to keep boredom at bay, if it has a charger, make sure you bring it. If you can’t find a vehicle-specific charger, you can actually buy adapters at big box stores that will transform your wall charger into one just for vehicles. Getting down to twelve percent battery and realizing you can’t charge your phone until you arrive or not at all–gasp!–is not a great feeling, so be sure to pack your chargers first.

Emergency Kit

If you’re going on a road trip, it’s a good idea to keep an emergency kit with you. Along with a medical first-aid kit (bandages, antibacterial spray, painkillers), you’ll want to bring other items like jumper cables, a flashlight with extra batteries, road flares, any tools you may need like ice scrapers or crowbars, and bottled water. You can personalize your emergency kit to where you’re driving and also where you live, but it’s smart to plan ahead.


Every road trip needs snacks and drinks! To keep from buying sugary items you don’t need at convenience stores along the way, hit up the grocery store the night before you head out for staples like granola bars, juice boxes, bottles of water, and fresh fruit. If you know you might be driving at night, grab a soda or a bottled coffee to keep in the car just in case.


Music is a must for any road trip! Pick out your favorite CDs or make a Thanksgiving-centric playlist before you head out, and you and your family can enjoy listening to fun, upbeat driving music.

Your Dish

Bringing something to the potluck? Don’t forget your contribution! Bring your pie, casserole, or other dish along for the ride, and get ready for some of the best food of the year.

No matter your destination, you and your family are sure to have a great time on your road trip this holiday season. The team here at Royal Palm Toyota wishes you and your family a safe, fun Thanksgiving!