Toyota C-HR Named ‘Parkers New Car of the Year for 2018′

For the past decade or so, automotive manufacturers have been leaning towards the concept of blending futuristic styling with practicality in order to win over the minds and eyes of consumers. While it’s just about impossible to cater to everyone, it’s usually a safe bet to come up with an edgy design while throwing in some features that prove handy to every household. And we have it here at Royal Palm Toyota!

Toyota has always been great at carrying out this concept. The RAV4 and Camry have been fan favorites for decades and have topped sales charts year over year. However, when it came to the increasingly popular crossover category, it took a little more ingenuity to come up with a formidable competitor. Enter the Toyota C-HR.

C-HR stands for “Coupe High-Rider,” accurately describing Toyota’s low-slung compact SUV that sits a little higher than the typical compact car and boasts the storage flexibility and dimensions of a small SUV. It also has enough standard safety and entertainment features to keep the most discerning consumer happy.

The review website also approves of the C-HR, as it just crowned the small SUV “New Car of the Year 2018.” The team applauded the Toyota C-HR’s bold design, hybrid ingenuity, and driving dynamics. According to the website, “the Toyota C-HR is a brilliant example of how the most functional of family cars can be spiced up with exciting detail, thoughtful touches, and intelligent design to become a true gamechanger.”

A game changer indeed, as the Toyota C-HR was pitted against the likes of the SkodaKodiaq, SEAT Ibiza, and BMW 5 Series Touring, besting them all due to its futuristic design, engine options, and low cost of ownership. If the 2018 Toyota C-HR can keep this momentum going, it could be a pinnacle player in ushering in a new era of car buying among up and coming generations. To learn more, visit Royal Palm Toyota today.