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The 2018 Toyota Camry Is Turning Heads and Changing Minds

The new 2018 Toyota Camry is taking a large step in the right direction with its bold styling that is taking the midsize sedan category by storm.

Bold and Beautiful

The Camry’s wheelbase has been lengthened by 2 inches, giving a more imposing look as well as providing more interior room. The lowered hood and broad front fascia make a large fashion statement, and the optional 19-inch wheels further assist in buyer customization. All of these factors lead to a sleek and sexier design, giving the Camry a bolder presence in the market and on the streets.

Trim Levels

There are 10 different trim levels available including the hybrid variants, ranging from the base model Camry L up to the well-equipped XSE V6. The more budget-friendly L model includes some great options like Toyota’s Entune™ and standard power features, while the options list gets broader the farther up the trim level ladder you go, adding more features like larger, sportier design elements, power adjustable seats, and Smart Key entry.

Toyota Safety Sense™

Toyota’s Safety Sense™, which includes driving safety features like radar cruise control, pre-collision sensing and pedestrian detection, is now standard in the Camry.

V6 Engine Is Still an Option

While other manufacturers are leaning more towards turbocharged four-cylinder engines for fuel efficiency and power, the Toyota Camry sticks with its tried and true 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine for the base models, as well as the 3.5-liter V6 option. The V6 engine has gone through a bit of a makeover itself, boasting 301 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque.

A Worthy Choice. Check It Out at Royal Palm Toyota!

The 2018 Toyota Camry is all-new from the ground up. Come and check out the new features and styling in person at Royal Palm Toyota and find out why the new 2018 Toyota Camry in turning heads and changing the minds of the everyday consumer.

The Toyota RAV4 Is Ready for Some Adventure

For Toyota models, trim levels package features in a cost-effective way to make it easy for the consumer to pick which price point and model would best suit their lifestyle and budget. For example, the base-model RAV4 LE could prove more than enough for any minimalistic buyer only needing the bare essentials, while the top-of-the-line RAV4 Limited would cater more to those needing every bell and whistle to keep them satisfied on a daily basis. We have them all here at Royal Palm Toyota!

For any consumers with an active lifestyle, it could be a little tricky picking the right RAV4 trim level, until now. The new Toyota RAV4 Adventure features some new outdoor-themed upgrades with a sportier sense of style. The Adventure model comes equipped with large fender flares, black 18-inch wheels, a racing stripe, and durable lower body cladding to increase durability during light off-road driving. It sits about half an inch higher, too, which leads to just a little extra ground clearance over the other RAV4 models.

On the inside, there are faux carbon fiber panels, a leather-wrapped shift knob, all-weather mats, and a 120-watt outlet in the cargo area. A bevy of “Adventure” logos complete the outdoorsy look and further drive the point that this trim level is unlike the others. Standard roof rails and a Tow Prep package are also included, further increasing the RAV4 Adventure’s outdoor compatibility.

The engine and transmission combination remains the same, which is a 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine paired to a six-speed automatic transmission. However, buyers can choose between front or all-wheel drive.

Maintaining the notion of value packaging, the RAV4 Adventure’s bump in price could be worth it for those that like to hit the trails on the weekends. Check it out at Royal Palm Toyota today!

Toyota C-HR Named ‘Parkers New Car of the Year for 2018′

For the past decade or so, automotive manufacturers have been leaning towards the concept of blending futuristic styling with practicality in order to win over the minds and eyes of consumers. While it’s just about impossible to cater to everyone, it’s usually a safe bet to come up with an edgy design while throwing in some features that prove handy to every household. And we have it here at Royal Palm Toyota!

Toyota has always been great at carrying out this concept. The RAV4 and Camry have been fan favorites for decades and have topped sales charts year over year. However, when it came to the increasingly popular crossover category, it took a little more ingenuity to come up with a formidable competitor. Enter the Toyota C-HR.

C-HR stands for “Coupe High-Rider,” accurately describing Toyota’s low-slung compact SUV that sits a little higher than the typical compact car and boasts the storage flexibility and dimensions of a small SUV. It also has enough standard safety and entertainment features to keep the most discerning consumer happy.

The review website Parkers.co.uk also approves of the C-HR, as it just crowned the small SUV “New Car of the Year 2018.” The team applauded the Toyota C-HR’s bold design, hybrid ingenuity, and driving dynamics. According to the website, “the Toyota C-HR is a brilliant example of how the most functional of family cars can be spiced up with exciting detail, thoughtful touches, and intelligent design to become a true gamechanger.”

A game changer indeed, as the Toyota C-HR was pitted against the likes of the SkodaKodiaq, SEAT Ibiza, and BMW 5 Series Touring, besting them all due to its futuristic design, engine options, and low cost of ownership. If the 2018 Toyota C-HR can keep this momentum going, it could be a pinnacle player in ushering in a new era of car buying among up and coming generations. To learn more, visit Royal Palm Toyota today.

Take Advantage of Great Savings at Royal Palm Toyota’s Tire Savings Event

The right tires not only contribute to a smooth ride and superb handling, but safety as well. If your tires are showing signs of wear and tear, make sure you get your ride some new treads at Royal Palm Toyota. You can get exact replacements for the original tires at a competitive price, mounted and balanced by factory trained and certified Toyota technicians in one easy step.

For a limited time, when you purchase 3 General RTX Evertrek brand tires you will receive the 4th tire for $1.00*. So come down to Royal Palm Toyota to get your ride a new set of wheels!

*Restrictions apply.  Offer is from 10/1/2017-10/31/2017.

Toyota’s Automated Manufacturing Has a Human Approach

Time is of the essence when it comes to racing cars, and even more so when it comes to building them. While there are many factors in the whole process, such as supply and demand, materials, and labor cost, more time saved equals an increase in efficiency and an increase in production. While most manufacturers are turning to fully automated factories as a way to save time, Toyota is finding a balance between using man and machines.

Man Versus Machine

One would think that having a fully automated manufacturing plant would cut down production time; however, Toyota has found that notion to be quite the contrary. In fact, their automation workforce is the same as it was 15 years ago. The reason? Human efficiency. According to the Wil James, president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Kentucky, “Machines are good for repetitive things, but they can’t improve the efficiency or the quality of their work. Only people can.”

Automation Leads to Efficiency

It’s easy to think that turning to automation would mean lower costs due to the ability to cut out some of the human workforce, however, Toyota leveraged the newfound efficiency by making the human workforce maintain and upkeep the automated machines, thus maintaining a number of jobs available. Employees are more likely to stay at these manufacturing jobs as well, since robots now do the once-tedious and physically intensive jobs.

Will the Robots Take Over?

For now, automation in the Toyota plant makes up for about 10 percent of the manufacturing workforce, with humans maintaining and innovating new ideas to assist in the whole process. While the automation will continue to grow, there will still be plenty of jobs in assisting these robots, as well as other areas, for people to strive for.

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How to Spot a Flooded Vehicle

While the damage caused by the recent hurricanes has been nothing short of horrific, some people are trying to capitalize on these unfortunate events. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles were flooded during the storms and many will potentially be sold where you live.

There is a process called “title washing” which is when a middleman intentionally buys a flooded vehicle and hides the vehicle history so no one knows, then they sell it for a large profit.

Electrical and mechanical issues are the most costly concerns with flood-damaged vehicles that often surface well after you have bought the car. Here are some tips provided by Royal Palm Toyota to help protect you from buying one of these flood-damaged vehicles:

Tip #1 – Check the VIN# and if you buy it from a used car lot, ask the dealer for the Carfax report. If you’re purchasing the vehicle from an individual, purchase the Carfax report.

Tip #2 – Smell inside the vehicle for mold or mildew as well as strong cleaning agents and air fresheners to mask the mildew smell.

Tip #3 – Check the oil indicator to see if it’s too high. That means there could be water in the engine.

Tip #4 – Look for new floor mats or rugs in an older model car and for discolored carpet or carpet that doesn’t match the upholstery.

Tip #5 – Examine the headlamps and taillights to see if fog has built up inside from trapped moisture.

Tip #6 – Walk around the entire vehicle and inspect it thoroughly for water lines in the engine compartment or trunk.

Tip #7 – Experiment with the electrical components to see if they all work (each window, door locks, radio, A/C, blinkers).

Tip #8 – Have a trusted mechanic look over the vehicle if you’re unsure to confirm.

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