Toyota Contributes $5 Million Dollars to Autonomous Vehicle Test Facility

Self-driving cars are coming – there’s no denying it. At the forefront of automated vehicle technology is the American Center for Mobility (ACM). The ACM is a non-profit facility dedicated to testing and developing autonomous and connected cars. Recently, Toyota announced it will contribute $5 million dollars to the ACM.

The ACM Vision

The ACM is being built in Ypsilanti, Michigan on the site of a factory that originally built B-24 bombers in World War II. Later in its existence, the site became home to a Chevrolet Corvair plant.

Fortunately, the Corvairs, which were known to detonate when hit from behind, are all gone. In their place will stand a home for the latest transportation technologies. It’s here that researchers and companies will create and test advanced autonomous technologies. In addition to what’s on site, the Michigan Department of Transportation is working towards repurposing some of the nearby roads as part of the testing facility.

Toyota Doing Its Part

Toyota is already involved in autonomous technology development in Michigan. The company does testing in the Ann Arbor area and on the University of Michigan Campus.

By contributing to the ACM, Toyota will be a member of a government-industry team which supports ACM initiatives. Toyota believes the ACM will play a key role in autonomous and connected vehicle development.

Jeff Makarewicz, group vice president of Safety and Vehicle Performance at Toyota, says that “together with industry and government partners, we would like to set a direction to realize connected and automated vehicles to help improve safety and mobility.”

Toyota is confident that autonomous and connected vehicle technology will pave the way for a safer future, one for which we at Royal Palm Toyota couldn’t be more excited. To learn more about the safety technology featured in current Toyota models, stop by Royal Palm Toyota today.