Toyota Takes Navigation Beyond the Dashboard

Toyota realizes navigation via smartphone is at least as important as a sat nav app embedded in a dashboard-mounted touchscreen. In Japan, the automaker has announced the general availability of its TC Smartphone Navigation app for iPhone and Android, and things are already getting hotter in this market dominated by Google and Waze.

Sat Nav that Keeps Up with Change

The evolution of navigation systems has taken some sharp turns and gone down some blind alleys. It has found more than a few dead-ends.

One nav technology that’s not quite at a dead-end but no longer seems promising is the embedded dashboard sat nav system. A one-time status symbol, these systems have proven difficult to keep updated with all features expected by cutting-edge users. Updating hardware is often not even an option.

Also, users are disappointed when they find they can’t take their navigation with them while on foot or when driving other vehicles.

The auto industry is tending towards letting drivers bring their own navigation devices. Although they still offer in-dash nav systems, Toyota has largely decided to leave the hardware to the users and to concentrate on the software and data that powers navigation.

Ground-Level Knowledge

TC Smartphone Navigation brings together real-time data to determine quickest routes. Because of the large population and immense amounts of drivers on the road, development in Japan meant giving increased importance to things like pedestrian traffic density and parking spot availability. To capture everything that’s happening at street level, the app gathers real-time data from on-board data communication modules.

On a more somber note, Toyota engineered the TC Smartphone Navigation app to assist during disaster evacuations. This, too, is an important fact-of-life in the Land of the Rising Sun. In fact, aerial disaster photograph technology will allow you to avoid traffic before you get stuck in it.

The Future of Navigation

Toyota offers a great view of the future of nav systems with the TC Smartphone Navigation app. We can show you where you are going tomorrow, today. Drop by our showroom to experience it soon.