The RAVishing RAV4 SE Is Pure Sporty Goodness

Toyota revs up the appeal of its popular RAV4 with the new SE model. Now, in addition to the efficiency, comfort, and all-weather capability long associated with the RAV4, sporty looks and handling are on offer. The new RAV4 SE is the compact CUV with the CrossFit membership and the great-looking workout clothes.

Basic Goodness and More

If you’re among the many millions who have owned or driven a RAV4 and liked it, rest assured: The 2017 RAV4 SE offers the same basic goodness you remember. A smooth and tractable 2.5L four-cylinder engine provides the perfect thrust and helps the RAV achieve a respectable 22 city/29 highway, even with all-wheel-drive. With standard front-wheel drive, mileage figures are even higher. Fold down the rear seat, and the RAV offers a voluminous 73.4 cubic feet of cargo. Toyota’s bumper-to-bumper warranty covers everything for three years or 36,000 miles.

Those are the great specs shared among all non-hybrid RAV4 models. There’s no less to like about the SE. In fact, some drivers will find a lot more.

RAV4, You Been Working Out?

Toyota breaks out higher-rate springs and stiffer shocks for the RAV4 SE. Then, it wraps the sporty-looking 18″ rims with stickier and stiffer Bridgestone Ecopia tires. The result is sharper, more responsive handling. The RAV4 SE is noticeably more open to getting tossed around curves than its stablemates. It invites a driving style that’s both playful and involved.

The SE’s exterior matches the sharpness of the handling. A body kit and dark styling accents call out the more serious lines of the RAV4’s shape. This is a compact CUV that brings a rakish and sporty look to the pleasant cuddliness of the standard CUV shape.

The CUV You Need and Want

The RAVishing RAV4 has shown Toyota can adapt to meet the varied needs of American drivers. Whether your interests are maximum comfort, utility, or just practicality, there’s long been a RAV4 for you. With the new SE model, Toyota adds “sportiness” to its allure. Stop by Royal Palm Toyota today for a test drive.

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