Prius Prime in First Place: 640 Miles of Range

If you happen to be driving the new Toyota Prius Prime, you likely won’t need to stop for gas on a long road trip. The new Prius Prime plug-in hybrid’s combination of plug-in electric and efficient gas power helps it achieve an EPA-rated 133 mpg on electricity and gas. With gas alone, the Prime’s EPA rating is still an impressive 54 mpg.

The Power of Choice

Prius Prime lets drivers choose how to manage the way it motivates. A button on the touchscreen tells it to travel exclusively on electric power. The batteries, unassisted by the gas drivetrain, are good for 25 miles at speeds up to 84 miles per hour.

Charging the Prius Prime takes only 5.5 hours using regular 120-volt house current. A fast charger available at an extra cost reduces that time to two hours.

Most drivers will want to let the Prius Prime’s internal systems do the thinking. When they do, they’re rewarded with sprightly performance from the 1.8-liter four-cylinder gas engine and electric drivetrain. They also eliminate that distinctly modern fear known as range anxiety.

New Comfort and Handling

Toyota has upgraded the rear suspension of the Prius to a double-wishbone system, which is far better than the beam-axle system it replaced. The new fully independent suspension provides far better handling and improved ride quality.

Prius Prime is an excellent choice for anyone seeking ultimate efficiency in motoring. The plug-in hybrid is tops in offering the best of both worlds and the ability to instantly choose between them.

To take a test drive and see just how incredible the performance and range on the Prius Prime really is, stop by our dealership today.