The Toyota Camry Hybrid Is the Perfect Alternative to the Prius

“Going green” is still at the forefront of drivers’ minds everywhere. The Prius remains one of the best options available on the market. Still, many of those same drivers find the design or performance of the Prius lacking for the sort of driving they do daily.

However, it is possible to drastically cut emissions and save the owner some hassle at the same time. That gap is bridged admirably by Toyota’s Camry Hybrid, which offers the best of both worlds, providing drivers with an admirable and capable experience, without compromising fuel economy or price.

While the emissions aren’t technically as cutting-edge as that of the Prius, the Camry uses a hybrid powertrain that deploys only as much power as the car needs, which saves energy. This intelligent deployment of power and clever use of energy-saving techniques gives the Camry one of the cleanest bills of health in-class when it comes to going green.

What does that mean for your wallet? The Camry can achieve 41 mpg in a variety of driving conditions. Factoring in the snappy performance of the Camry, which is on par with its full-blown petrol-driven cousins, this is good value for the money.

As for the interior, the Camry has more to brag about than the Prius. As a full-fledged, mid-size sedan, it qualifies as part of the semi-executive market and doesn’t skimp on interior quality. This is an area the Prius is woefully lacking, along with long-range performance and heavy use.

If we’re allowed to be subjective for a moment, the Camry looks a lot more attractive, too. It ticks all the boxes for a classy, capable sedan that won’t require frequent charges or trips to the pump. It’s also hard to fault the new Camry for style, as it competes with many in the luxury class. For all the value it provides, it’s something of a jack-of-all-trades among Toyota’s lineup.

Stop in today to test drive a brand-new Toyota Camry, and see for yourself how luxury meets sustainability.