Dare to Compare: Toyota RAV4 vs. Honda CR-V

There’s been some talk across the auto industry about the Toyota RAV4 and its performance when stacked up against other in-class favorites like Honda’s CR-V. Sales numbers and popular consensus tell us that the RAV4 is as strong as ever. The RAV4 Hybrid is selling well, particularly since hybrids are popular and growing more so by the day. Both brands are in demand, but only Toyota’s car in this class is offered as a hybrid and is properly equipped to save you the most at the pump.

The EV and hybrid models from both manufacturers now account for a much more significant percentage of sales than they did just a few short years ago. This is owed to the rapid development of energy efficient technology. As technology advances, automakers like Toyota get better and better at integrating it into their driving machines.

Unlike Toyota, Honda doesn’t have as robust of a selection of EV and hybrid models; however, there is speculation that they’re going to follow Toyota’s lead in 2018.

The RAV4 holds steady. They’re semi-executive, high-performance vehicles that fit the needs of drivers everywhere. With the hybrid model on offer, Toyota’s RAV4 remains competitive throughout 2017 and beyond.

In fact, the RAV4 has earned its fair share of accolades for its interior, styling, handling, and overall performance. If you’re a fan of hybrid models, the smart money is on Toyota, who is leading the class in gas mileage savings and EPA ratings.

Toyota says their EV and Hybrid offerings have helped sales increase by 10%, so surely Honda will follow suit with a response of their own. Toyota is leading the pack now, and whatever comes next year is likely to be based on what Toyota is doing right now with the RAV4.

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