Toyota Unveils Concept-i and ‘Yui’

Toyota’s futuristic Concept-i vehicle has been unveiled, and here’s everything you need to know about this new ride. The innovative design and sleek shape of the Concept-i bring to life the mystifying technology that you’ve seen in your wildest dreams. Toyota has also included an artificial intelligence program named “Yui” that is designed to integrate with the driver.

Toyota designed the interface to display a visual representation of “Yui” that is able to communicate to a global audience, and the comforting interior emanates around the driver and the passenger in order to surround them in lights, sounds, and touch controls to communicate information with “Yui.”

This invention has been created to bring vehicle and driver closer together. The warm and friendly demeanor of “Yui” is embedded into the vehicle to make driving more fun, practical, and enjoyable, and it’s able to communicate while the Concept-i is in automated or manual driving.

“Yui” is able to appear on the exterior door panel when the driver and passengers are approaching the vehicle as a way of saying, “hello!” Communication about navigation and warnings of potential hazards is also exchanged. In addition to “Yui” appearing on the door, the headlights of the Concept-i blink when you approach the vehicle, surely a small but nice feature to have.

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