Dare to Compare: 2017 Toyota RAV4 vs. 2017 Honda CR-V

For decades, the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4 have been bitter rivals in the compact crossover segment. The 2017 editions of these two models are the pinnacle of the two models’ prestigious histories, but which one is the best for drivers looking for a reliable and versatile compact crossover SUV? Let’s compare the 2017 Honda CR-V and 2017 Toyota RAV4 to answer that question.

One category in which the RAV4 stands out is the quality of the ride. The Toyota RAV4‘s suspension is smooth and comfortable, while the Honda CR-V’s suspension is too stiff to provide the same quiet and effortless ride. The Toyota RAV4 also scores points over its rivals from Ford and Honda in terms of driver assist technology and advanced safety features. While the Ford and Honda both feature backup cameras and adaptive cruise control, the Honda CR-V requires drivers to activate a complicated sequence of inputs just to activate the lane departure warning system, something the Toyota RAV4 does not require.

The Toyota RAV4 has achieved high honors with its off-roading capabilities. The Toyota RAV4 is able to ascend a steep hill with ease, while the Honda CR-V doesn’t possess the same offroad grip or pulling power for steep, rocky terrain. Additionally, the Toyota RAV4 provides full support for all your devices, so you can take your smartphone on the road and stay connected wherever you go.

The 2017 Honda CR-V and 2017 Toyota RAV4 both have a great deal to offer, from sophisticated styling to the latest technology however, ultimately the 2017 Toyota RAV4 comes out on top. The RAV4 scores essential points in a number of major categories, From its exceptional cargo space to its generous fuel economy. The RAV4 is the standout leader in the compact crossover SUV market.