What Is Toyota Entune?

Shouldn’t Your Car or Truck Make Your Life Easier?

When you get right down to it, your vehicle should make your life more convenient. In a similar way, that’s exactly what Toyota Entune is: It’s another way of making your life easier and more convenient. And it’s available in the dashboard of many new 2016 and 2017 Toyotas.

Entune Is Your Mobile Digital Assistant

These days, our lives are increasingly digital. It seems we’re never without our smartphones. We depend on a constant digital connection to keep us informed, in touch, and entertained.

Entune integrates your smartphone with the dashboard controls, navigation and entertainment systems in your Toyota, allowing you to safely keep up with your digital life while on the move.

Use Your Inside Voice to Do Outside Things

With its 7″ touchscreen, Entune allows easy access to your music. In addition to whatever music files you might have stored on your smartphone, Entune lets you control streaming apps like iHeartRadio, Pandora, and Slacker. Artist and song information is displayed on the hi-def screen in full color, when available.

But it gets better: Initiate a voice command by pressing a button on the steering wheel. Tell Entune what you’d like to hear, all without taking your eyes off the road. Entune even reads your texts and emails out loud (if desired) and allows you to respond using the same voice-command technology. Texting and driving is a thing of the past with Entune.

Entune Is a Date Night Enabler

Entune includes apps from Yelp and Open Table. Looking for a great local seafood restaurant? Call up the top-rated seafood restaurants listed nearby on Yelp, have Open Table create a reservation, and let Entune guide you to the front door through its built-in navigation system.

After dinner, maybe you’d like tickets to that latest blockbuster. Find the nearest theater and next showings through Movietickets.com. Buy your tickets online before you arrive.

Entune brings other navigation apps to help you find fuel stations, avoid traffic, and route around toll roads. Other apps provide weather forecasts, sports scores, and stock prices. It’s all at your fingertips in an easily configurable and very attractive interface.

Entune: The Subscription-Free Answer

What’s best about Entune: It requires no separate subscription. Unlike so many whiz-bang electronic packages on other vehicles, using Entune does not involve yet another charge on your credit card statement. Entune seamlessly connects to your smartphone and leverages your existing data plan.

Entune helps your car be more of a help and convenience than was ever thought possible before now. Entune gives you all the benefits with none of the hassles, and it’s available on your next Toyota today.