Dealership Voted 100 Best Dealerships to Work For

When it comes to the automotive industry, employee satisfaction is no mere afterthought. Maintaining a happy, healthy workforce is an essential part of running a great dealership, and that is why we were so thrilled to be voted one of the 100 best dealerships to work for.
We have always worked hard to maintain a positive and customer-oriented workplace, one where employees feel empowered to make suggestions and everyone enjoys their time on the lot. It was exciting to see our hard work validated with our inclusion on the recently published list of top 100 dealerships to work for.
The award was all the more thrilling given the difficult criteria used to make the final decision. The 100 best dealership award is actually the culmination of a two-step process, and only a small percentage of dealers make the cut.
The first step of the selection process requires each employer to complete a detailed questionnaire that provides extensive information about their business and their workers. This questionnaire is important, but it is only the beginning of the selection process.
The second part of the selection process for the 100 best dealership award is even more critical, since it centers around the opinions of the employees themselves. Worker satisfaction is a key part of the selection process, and without happy workers no dealership can make the cut.
The second and final part of the 100 best dealership selection process asks the employees of the company to complete a special survey. This survey is designed to provide information about employee satisfaction, workplace morale and a host of other important factors.
Once all the information has been compiled, the data from the two separate elements of the selection process are combined. That combined data is poured over by experts and analysts to determine the individual strengths of each dealership vying for the prize. This analytical data is then used to rank each dealership, eventually arriving at the coveted list of top 100 dealerships.
We have always known that running a successful dealership without dedicated and happy employees is simply not possible. The employees of any dealership are the backbone of the operation and their morale will shine through in everything they do. From the way they greet new customers to the way they handle their back-office activities, employees who are happy are simply more productive. We have always known that and we have always worked hard to create a healthy and positive workplace for our employees.
It is wonderful to know that our employees feel the same way about us and our dealership as we feel about them and their contributions. We know that it is our hardworking employees who have made us a success, and we never take that success for granted. Instead, we work hard every day to make our dealership, and our workplace, better than ever before. We are thrilled to have been awarded the top 100 dealership award and we look forward to a repeat performance in the coming years.