Dare To Compare: A Head to Head Look at the Toyota Camry vs. Honda Accord

If you are in the market for a smart, stylish and fun to drive family car, chances are both the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord are on your short list. Both vehicles have a lot to offer and both boast excellent fuel economy, strong reliability and above average resale values. In the end, however, it is the Toyota Camry that comes out on top.
The Toyota Camry scores high marks in a number of important categories, from ride and handling to fuel economy and engine performance. Below is a head to head comparison of the two vehicles and a demonstration of why the Toyota Camry represents the better overall value.
The Toyota Camry has been one of the hottest selling and most popular vehicles on the road for many decades now. This midsize car has become a legend, carrying generations of families and creating a legion of fans along the way. While the Honda Accord is a worthy competitor, it just does not live up to the quality and style of its Toyota rival.
The Toyota Camry boasts a number of standard features that cost extra on many other vehicles, including the Honda Accord. The Toyota Camry, for instance, comes standard with an 8-way adjustable driver’s seat for extra comfort. On the other hand, the Honda Accord has simple leather trimmed seats that look good but offer little in the way of adjustment.
The Toyota Camry also features the innovative JBL GreenEdge sound system, the perfect choice for drivers who love their tunes. Camry buyers can also enjoy the full Entune app suite, with popular music apps like Slacker Radio, iHeart Radio and Pandora. The Toyota Camry even features a simplified wireless charging system, along with a non-slip surface for easy charging of your smartphone and other devices.
By comparison, the Honda Accord has less to offer. The Accord does offer a choice of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, but it does not come with the popular Entune app suite.
The technologically advanced features of the Toyota Camry do not end with the audio system and charging station. The Camry uses a voice activated voice recognition system that lets you control everything from the navigation to the entertainment center without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel. The Honda Accord, on the other hand, does not offer these hands-free features.
In the end, the Toyota Camry provides the better overall value for drivers from all walks of life. From its seamless integration with your smartphone to a better entertainment system to superior handling and safety technology, the Toyota Camry has a lot to offer modern drivers. The Honda Accord is a worthy competitor, but in the end it falls short compared to the technologically advanced and fun to drive Toyota Camry.
If you would like to conduct your own head to head comparison, just head down to Royal Palm Toyota for a test drive. We think you will agree that the Toyota offers the best overall value and a superior driving experience.