Keep Clean and Keep Driving – 2016 Toyota Sienna With Built-In Vacuum System


If you have a family and a minivan, you already know how messy life can be sometimes. It does not matter if your kids are toddlers, tweens or teenagers – chances are you have found your fair share of mystery stains on the seats and scraped more than one month old French fry off the back seat.
Keeping the interior of your minivan clean and pristine is a tall order, especially if you have a family who uses it regularly. Whether you are heading out for soccer practice or dropping your kids off at school, all you can do is hope they do not make too much of a mess.
That is until now. When you put the 2016 Toyota Sienna in your driveway or garage, you can leave those cleanup worries behind and enjoy the road ahead. That is because the 2016 Toyota Sienna comes with its own built-in cleaning system in the form of a powerful vacuum cleaner.
You no longer have to find an open car wash and scrape together enough quarters to operate their vacuum cleaner. With the 2016 Toyota Sienna, the vacuum cleaner is right there, so you can clean up even the worst messes without breaking a sweat or dragging the big cleaner in from the house.
Unlike traditional canister vacuum cleaners and the large one at the car wash, the built-in vacuum cleaner in the 2016 Toyota Sienna is able to reach every nook and cranny inside and outside the minivan. From the piece of gum your son stuck up under the back seat to the errant piece of hamburger bun from your daughter’s latest Happy Meal, nothing is too tough or hard to reach for the 2016 Toyota Sienna and its built-in vacuum system.
The on-board vacuum built into the 2016 Toyota Sienna is also among the most powerful and rugged on the market, so you can be sure it will last for many years to come. Designed by vacuum cleaner giant Shop-Vac, the built-in vacuuming system is very powerful, with plenty of suction for even the dirtiest messes.
The vacuum system built into the latest version of the Toyota Sienna is also simple to use and easy to maintain. The built-in vacuum cleaner comes with a replaceable filter and bag, making cleaning up spills and maintaining the vacuum as easy as flipping a switch.
The vacuum cleaning system in the 2016 Toyota Sienna also features a removable canister, and the hose reaches the entire length of the minivan. The next time the kids make a mess, all you have to do is pull out the vacuum and clean it up. You can even run the vacuum with the engine on or off, giving you additional convenience and giving the 2016 Toyota Sienna one more advantage over its competitors.
Whether you want to try out the vacuum for yourself or just take the 2016 Toyota Sienna out for a test drive, you can see this iconic minivan in action at Royal Palm Toyota. Just stop by today to see the latest in clean technology.