Meet Bruno Demir: General Manager of Royal Palm Toyota

With over 18 years in the automotive industry, Bruno Demir has been viewed as a leadership and execution specialist. He has adapted to the many changes in the industry over the years and has embraced those changes to execute high performance and profitability.

Demir’s career in the automotive industry began in Boston at the tender age of 17 as a sales advisor for The Herb Chambers Organization. Demir was quickly recognized for his accolades and was promoted to his first management position. Demir, married with 3 children and a dog named Fenway, moved to South Florida 8 years ago from Boston in the hopes of working with a new dealership. Throughout the years he has gained knowledge and experience in various fields within a dealership. 18 years later he has mastered the skills needed in making any department or dealership successful. The future will bring bigger opportunities for Royal Palm Toyota with Bruno in the driver’s seat.

“What you buy is just as important as where you buy from.  My door is always open for you.  When you come to Royal Palm Toyota, you are part of the family. Call my cell phone anytime. I look forward to working today in the future.”

- Bruno Demir