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Getting the Most for Your Money – The Toyota Camry vs. Honda Accord

If you are in the market for an economical family sedan that is also fun to drive, chances are both the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord are on your short list. Both vehicles have a lot to offer, including excellent fuel economy, solid resale value and great reliability. In many important ways, however, the Toyota Camry comes out on top. Here are some things to consider when performing a head to head comparison of the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord.
New Styling for the New Century
For the latest model year the Toyota Camry incorporates a number of changes drivers are sure to love, including a redesigned interior with more cabin space and greater comfort, a superior instrument panel and set of gauges and more stylish taillights for a sleeker and smarter look. There are also a number of new safety features, including a rear-view camera and automatic headlights for easier driving after dark.
Unlike the newly redesigned and revamped Toyota Camry, the latest version of the Honda Accord is largely unchanged from previous years. The Honda Accord is not a bad car, but it does lack the new features of the Toyota Camry.
Legendary Resale Value
No matter how much  you love your new car, chances are you will part with it someday. When that day comes, you will want to get as much for your money as possible, and the Toyota Camry is a winner in this regard as well.
Both the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord are safe and reliable cars, but over the years the Camry has developed a strong reputation for resale value. If you want to recoup the most from your automotive investment, the Toyota Camry is the clear choice.
Excellent Fuel Economy
Drivers in the market for a new Toyota Camry or Honda Accord are no doubt looking for a family sedan that is economical to own yet fun to drive. The Toyota Camry delivers the goods on both fronts, with some of the best fuel economy ratings in its class.
When equipped with the popular 178-horsepower 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine, the Toyota Camry gets an impressive 25 mpg in stop and go city driving and an even better 35 mpg on the highway. That is a combined driving estimate of 28 mpg, making the Toyota Camry one of the most economical family sedans available today.
Safety for the Most Demanding Driver
Safety is a major consideration for the modern driver, and both the Toyota  Camry and the Honda Accord offer advanced features designed to prevent crashes and keep drivers and passengers safe behind the wheel. Both vehicles performed well in previous crash tests, but the Toyota Camry offers a number of special features designed with driver safety in mind.
Features like automatic headlights are designed to make nighttime driving safer and less challenging, while the rear-view camera allows drivers to park with ease, prevent crashes and avoid obstacles when backing up.
All in all, the Toyota Camry represents the better value for drivers who need an economical and reliable family sedan. Just head down to Royal Palm Toyota today to see what the newest Camry has to offer.

Capable, Smart and Fun to Drive -The New Toyota RAV4


Since it was first introduced, the smart and stylish 2016 Toyota RAV4 has been turning heads and delighting drivers from coast to coast. Now that the 2016 Toyota RAV4 has hit the streets and rolled into dealer showrooms, it is already garnering lots of attention, pleasing old fans of the brand and making lots of new ones.
If you crave the driving excitement of a sports car but need the roominess and practicality of a more utilitarian vehicle, the 2016 Toyota RAV4 may be the perfect solution to your automotive dilemma. The newest RAV4 has plenty of cargo space for all your gear, but it still retains the driving excitement of a sports car. That is a lot to ask from a single vehicle, but the 2016 Toyota RAV4 delivers.
The 2016 Toyota RAV4 offers plenty of power for the daily commute and challenging driving conditions. With its 176-horsepower engine, drivers can enjoy the open road in style without breaking the bank or stretching their budgets. That 176 horsepower rating is produced by a powerful 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine, designed to be one of the most efficient around.
Even with all that power, the 2016 Toyota RAV4 continues to be one of the most affordable choices in its class, and the affordability does not end with the low purchase price. Drivers will also be pleased with the fuel economy of the new 2016 Toyota RAV4, with its EPA rating of 24 mpg in stop and go city driving and an even more impressive 31 mpg on the highway.
The 2016 Toyota RAV4 may be fuel efficient, but it is highly capable as well. This is a practical vehicle, with a towing capacity of up to 1500 pounds. Whether you are hauling your boat to the shore or bringing home a load of plywood, you will have plenty of towing capacity at your disposal.
The commitment to affordability, practicality and affordability is certainly impressive, but the advantages of the 2016 Toyota RAV4 do not end there. Toyota has a strong reputation for automotive safety, and the newest RAV4 includes a number of advanced safety features designed to protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike.
The Toyota Safety Sense™ features include a lane departure alert system with steering asset, dynamic radar cruise control for easier highway driving, automatic high beams for safer driving after dark and a pre-collision warning system with pedestrian detection. When you drive off the lot with your new 2016 Toyota RAV4, you can feel confident behind the wheel as you get to know the latest in automotive technology.
If you have been looking for a vehicle that is safe, practical and lots of fun to drive, look no further than the 20162016 Toyota RAV4. The RAV4 offers an impressive mixture of excitement, roominess and fuel economy, all in a cute and sporty little package. The RAV4 has always been a hot seller, and the newest version is expected to be just as popular. Just head to Royal Palm Toyota today to see what all the excitement is about.

Action or Auction at Royal Palm Toyota


If you are looking for a way to save money and put more cash away for the future, it is a good idea to start with your largest expenses. No matter who you are or where you live, chances are your monthly car payment is one of your biggest monthly costs. Reducing the cost of that monthly car payment is one of the most effective ways to trim your budget and get your finances under control.
The next time you are in the market for a new set of wheels, you need to think carefully about your finances and put your hard earned money where it will do the most good. In many cases that means buying a pre-owned Toyota car, truck or SUV instead of wasting money on a brand new model.
There are many reasons why a pre-owned Toyota is often the best value, starting with the problem of depreciation. Toyota vehicles are known for their legendary resale value, and those used cars, trucks and SUVs are almost always easy to sell on the secondary market. That does not mean, however, that Toyota vehicles are immune from the laws of depreciation.
When you drive a brand new Toyota off the lot, that sound you hear is the vehicle depreciating with every passing mile. If you buy a brand new car, truck or SUV, you take the hit on the depreciation. If you choose a pre-owned Toyota instead, you get to benefit from that depreciation instead of being victimized by it.
Compared to the cost of a brand new vehicle, buying a pre-owned Toyota could save you thousands of dollars. That means thousands of dollars less in car loans, thousands more dollars in your pocket and a jump start on your financial future.
Searching for pre-owned Toyota can also give you access to a wider universe of cars, trucks and SUVs rather than limiting your search to new vehicles alone. When you head down to your local Toyota dealer, you will probably encounter dozens or even hundreds of vehicles, but not everything on the lot will be brand new. When you expand your search criteria to include pre-owned Toyota vehicles as well, you give yourself far more choices and the ability to select the best values for yourself and your family.
Some people are reluctant to look at pre-owned Toyota vehicles because they worry about reliability. Perhaps they remember the sketchy used cars they drove when they were younger, or harbor memories of poorly maintained and unreliable vehicles.
When you buy a pre-owned Toyota from Royal Palm Toyota, you can put those fears and bad memories to rest. That is because every car, truck and SUV offered for sale through the Toyota pre-owned program have been thoroughly vetted and examined. When you buy one of these vehicles, you can buy with confidence and drive away knowing you got a great value.
Buying a pre-owned Toyota could not be easier. Just head down to Royal Palm Toyota to see the extensive selection of quality pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs for yourself. Feel free to kick the tires, take a test drive and enjoy your bargain for many years to come.

The Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Program offers you benefits such as:

  • Thorough 160-point vehicle inspection by Toyota certified or authorized technicians.
  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance, 7 days a week.
  • 7 years / 100,000 miles limited powertrain warranty, 1 year of roadside assistance (from original date of first use when purchased as new.
  • Warranty coverage differs in AL, FL, GA, NC & SC contact dealer for more info).
  • 12 month / 12,000 mile comprehensive warranty (from date of certified purchase).


Why Consider a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

With the price of the average car well into the five figures and costs going nowhere but up, it is no wonder so many drivers are struggling with car payments and wondering how to make ends meet. Chances are the car you drive is second only to the home you live in when it comes to overall cost.
If you are looking for a way to save money and squeeze more life out of every dollar you make, look no further than your driveway or garage. Saving money on the car you drive is one of the best ways to economize, and that starts with the shopping process itself.

The next time you find yourself in the market for a new set of wheels, you can save a lot of money by choosing the safety, reliability and security of a certified pre-owned vehicle. When you opt for a certified pre-owned vehicle instead of a brand new one, you can save thousands of dollars over the price of buying new – all without sacrificing reliability, safety or the latest technological features.
Even if you have never thought about buying a used car before, there are plenty of reasons to consider a certified pre-owned vehicle for your transportation needs. Certified pre-owned vehicles are not your average used cars – each and every one has been carefully screened for reliability and quality.
That careful screening process is what sets the certified pre-owned vehicle apart from its used car brethren. Every vehicle on the certified pre-owned lot has been carefully examined by qualified mechanics, so you can drive away with confidence.
At the same time, you can save thousands of dollars compared to the price of a brand new vehicle while letting the original buyer take the hit on depreciation. You probably already know that new cars lose a great deal of their value when driven off the lot, so much so that their worth can drop thousands of dollars in just the first few days. When you choose a certified pre-owned vehicle instead, you benefit from that depreciation instead of falling victim to it.
The warranty is another important consideration when buying a new set of wheels, and pre-owned vehicles win in this regard as well. Most certified pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs come with generous warranties, so you can drive off the lot with confidence. Instead of being nickled and dimed by an unreliable used car, you can rest assured that the warranty will cover any needed repairs for the forseeable future. When you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle, you can enjoy the safety, security and reliability of a brand new car, truck or SUV without spending a fortune or stretching your budget.
If you are looking for your next great vehicle, there are plenty of reasons to opt for the value of a pre-owned one over the expense of its brand new counterpart. When you buy certified pre-owned, you avoid the depreciation of a new vehicle and keep more money in your pocket. You also get exceptional reliability, a great selection and unbeatable value. It is easy to see why so many car shoppers are opting for the money savings only a certified pre-owned vehicle can provide.

Meet Bruno Demir: General Manager of Royal Palm Toyota

With over 18 years in the automotive industry, Bruno Demir has been viewed as a leadership and execution specialist. He has adapted to the many changes in the industry over the years and has embraced those changes to execute high performance and profitability.

Demir’s career in the automotive industry began in Boston at the tender age of 17 as a sales advisor for The Herb Chambers Organization. Demir was quickly recognized for his accolades and was promoted to his first management position. Demir, married with 3 children and a dog named Fenway, moved to South Florida 8 years ago from Boston in the hopes of working with a new dealership. Throughout the years he has gained knowledge and experience in various fields within a dealership. 18 years later he has mastered the skills needed in making any department or dealership successful. The future will bring bigger opportunities for Royal Palm Toyota with Bruno in the driver’s seat.

“What you buy is just as important as where you buy from.  My door is always open for you.  When you come to Royal Palm Toyota, you are part of the family. Call my cell phone anytime. I look forward to working today in the future.”

- Bruno Demir