Ways to Increase the Life of Your Tires

In general, there are three ways in which you will come to own the tires on your car.  Either you will have purchased a new vehicle, which will come with original equipment tires (which can sometimes vary on a particular model depending on what packages are included on the specific vehicle you’re purchasing); you will purchase a previously owned vehicle which will have tires that already have wear on them that are either original equipment or replacement tires, or you will replace your vehicle tires yourself.  Sooner or later all cars will need new tires, but most people will agree that they’d like it to be later, much later if possible.

Extending the life of your tires even by a few thousand miles is going to keep your money in your wallet that much longer and that’s something everyone can appreciate.  By taking a little extra care of your tires you can easily extend their life; here are a few ways it can be done:

First, and probably the most overlooked way to keep your current tires on your car longer is to keep them properly inflated.  Proper tire inflation keeps the part of the tire (the tread) that’s supposed to come in contact with the road where it should be while making sure the other portions, like the sidewalls, aren’t being adversely affected.  Your owner’s manual will clearly state what your tires should be inflated to and you can purchase an easy to use tire pressure gauge at any auto parts store.  Be careful not to over-inflate, and if you are concerned you won’t be able to get them to the proper inflation level, stop by your dealership or mechanic and they will certainly help you out.

Second, and another easy way to prolong your tire’s lives is to rotate them regularly.  Cars come in front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive, but even this last category has a primary set of drive wheels it uses during typical driving conditions.  Whichever is the case for your vehicle, the drive wheels will tend to wear out more quickly, making it important to rotate them (at a minimum back to front), so that your complete set of tires wears down at the same rate.  This can easily be taken care of when you have your car’s oil change, as your car will already be in the service bay and up on the rack.  Depending on your regular driving environment (city, in-town driving, etc.) you may end up usually making one direction turn (right versus left) much more frequently.  If you know this is the case, ask your service provider to rotate the tires diagonally as this will ensure more even wear over their lifespan.

Just following these two simple steps will extend the life of your tires and save you money over the course of vehicle ownership.  Additionally, following these two tips will also improve your gas mileage and the comfort of your ride.  So in this case saving money even has fringe benefits!