The Toyota Camry – Why a Pre-Owned Camry is Always a Winning Choice

When the time comes to replace your old car, you have two very different choices. You could buy a brand new vehicle right off the assembly line, or you could buy a used vehicle instead.
If the vehicle you have in mind is a Toyota Camry, there are some very sound reasons to choose a gently used model over a brand new one. The Toyota Camry has long been a favorite with drivers from all walks of life, and that makes it a particular good choice for buyers who prefer the cost savings of a pre-owned vehicle to a brand new one. Here are just a few reasons you should consider a pre-owned Toyota Camry instead of a brand new model.
The Toyota Camry is a True Classic
Many automakers love to change up their vehicles every year – adding new amenities, changing the layout of the passenger cabin and making changes just because the can.
Toyota sees things very differently. They see no reason to change something that has been working so well for so long. The Toyota Camry has been a classic and much loved passenger car right from the start, and the iconic Japanese automaker sees no reason to make changes.
The fact that the Toyota Camry model changes so little from year to year makes it a particularly good value on the pre-owned market. If you choose a pre-owned Toyota Camry, you will get the same good looks and high quality as a brand new vehicle – but at a much lower price point.
Your Insurance Costs Might Be Lower
It can cost far less to insure a high quality low mileage used car than a new one fresh off the factory floor. The higher the value of the vehicle, the higher the cost to insure it. If you have not factored insurance costs into your car buying budget, you might want to give your agent a call before you go shopping.
Since a pre-owned Toyota Camry is likely to be more affordable to insure, you can use the savings to build your emergency fund or just treat yourself and your family to something special. You will have just as much fun driving your used Camry as you would a new one, so you are really not giving up anything in exchange for the cost savings.
You Let Someone Else Take the Depreciation Hit
There will always be a market for new cars like the Toyota Camry. Automakers sell millions and millions of new vehicles every year, creating an excellent market for used cars a few years down the road.
When you choose the value of a pre-owned Toyota Camry, you let the original buyer take the hit on depreciation. They get the fun and excitement of driving a brand new car – and you get the savings that comes with buying a pre-owned one instead.
You can save yourself thousands of dollars simply by choosing the value of a pre-owned Toyota Camry instead of a brand new model.