A Look at the Toyota Ever Better Expedition

If you drive a Toyota car, truck or SUV, you already know how fun the vehicle is to drive. Whether you drive the fuel sipping Prius or a rugged Toyota pickup truck, you love the feeling of hitting open road, spending time with family and friends or driving to your favorite weekend getaway.

While the vast majority of Toyota owners love their vehicles and drive them every day, some Toyota fans want to take things even further. That is where the Toyota Ever Better Expedition comes in. This unique events puts drivers behind the wheel and lets them tackle the biggest challenges of their lives.

Over the course of 110 days, Toyota drivers will be tackling the toughest roads on the continents, from the winding highways of the California coastline to the twisting mountain roads that snake through the Rocky Mountains of the West.

Those drivers will also be putting their Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs to the best as they head up and down the icy roads this coming winter, and as they engage on rocky hill climbs that will challenge even the most intrepid drivers. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, you simply must tune in and see what the Toyota Ever Better Expedition is all about.

While you are certainly free to put your own Toyota to the test, the Toyota Ever Better Expedition is touted as a way for Toyota employees to get out from behind their desks and hit the open road. For the 110 days of the Toyota Ever Better Expedition, 140 team members will be doing just that – stepping away from their daily duties and getting some first-hand experience behind the wheel.

While this project may seem like a lot of fun, there is a serious goal behind it all. The Toyota Ever Better Expedition is intended to give Toyota engineers and other key members of the carmaker’s team a chance to experience what buyers do when they head down an icy road in winter, climb down a steep embankment or twist through a curvy mountain road.

The understanding Toyota engineers and team members gain during the Toyota Ever Better Expedition will make them better at their jobs and help them design cars, trucks and SUVs that are even safer and even more fun to drive. The results of this seemingly fun project will be felt for years to come – and ordinary Toyota buyers will be the real winners.

You can follow the progress of your favorite Toyota engineers and team members as they embark on the journey of a lifetime. During the 110 days the Toyota Ever Better Expedition is in action, those team members will cover some 16,500 miles – traversing roads and enjoying the open air from coast to coast and all around the continent.

You can even follow the action on an interactive map provided by Toyota. If the Toyota Ever Better Expedition comes to your town, be sure to stop by and see what the excitement is all about.

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