Easy ways to increase your vehicle’s gas mileage

When it comes to the overall amount of money you spend to drive your car, from purchase, to maintenance to filling up the gas tank, the last one on the list is certainly one you can be proactive about reducing.  Fuel efficiency, measured and advertised in miles per gallon, is definitely something to consider when you purchase a vehicle, and there are many ways to maximize your car’s mileage capabilities.

With all the things we have going on in our lives, we rarely think more than a few minutes into the future and when driving it’s easy to forget about all of the little things we can do for long term savings.  One way to save on gas is to use the cruise control function to maintain a consistent speed when driving any reasonably long distance.  By doing so, your engine, transmission and vehicle electronic components will handle keeping to a specific speed, all of which are a lot more sophisticated than your right foot (sorry, your foot hasn’t evolved too much over the last few thousand years especially compared to 21st century automobile technology).

It’s amazing how few miles per gallon you get when you’re sitting still and your car is just idling; in fact, you get zero miles per gallon in this situation.  Just like when you were back in school and forgot to hand in an assignment, every time you average in a zero to a grade or your miles per gallon your grade goes down.  So if it’s your turn in the car pool rotation for soccer practice, don’t sit outside that one kid’s house for more than a minute with your car running.  No matter what their record is at the end of the season, you’ll end up a winner at the gas pump.  While you’re at it, it’s time to give up your addiction to the drive through.  Technically you’re not sitting still, but you might as well be.  Park it and walk inside; you’ll save enough to upgrade from a medium to a large latte in the process.

There are a few things you can do to your car that are either free or inexpensive that will all improve your gas mileage.  First, a tire gauge is a great stocking gift and a lot more useful than yet another pair of socks when it comes to saving on gas.  Check your tire pressure regularly and you’ll be rewarded with better gas mileage.  Second, and in the same area, get your alignment checked.  Tires meeting unevenly with the road surface add to drag and drag lowers the amount of miles you’ll get to a gallon.  Most tire retailers and of course your dealership service department can help you out.  Last, change your spark plugs; especially if you’ve seen a drop in fuel efficiency and you know they haven’t been changed in a while.

In the big scheme of things gas prices are likely to go down in the future but by getting better gas mileage you can make it seem that way.

Great Things to See and Do in West Palm Beach This November

Whether you are new to the West Palm Beach area or a lifelong resident, you will find plenty of great things to see and do this November. The holiday season is always a special time to be in the West Palm Beach area, and this year is certainly no exception. Here are a few of the great activities you can enjoy this November in West Palm Beach.

Enjoy an Aquatic Celebration
Taking place on the West Palm Beach waterfront, LagoonFest is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. LagoonFest features live music, lagoon tours, and activities for the kids, wildlife demonstrations and plenty of water sports.

LagoonFest takes place on November 14 at the waterfront, so bring the whole family for a day of fun on the water. Whether you come for the music, the interactive displays or the kid-friendly activities, you will find plenty to see and do.

Be a Part of the Art World
Whether you are an avid fan of the art world or just a curious observer, you will love the Canvas festival taking place in downtown West Palm Beach this November. There will be plenty of art to love, and there is way too much to fit on the walls of any one gallery.

Instead, the Canvas festival features the best artists in the area creating and unveiling their sculptures, murals and other works of art. These unique art installations can be found in parks throughout the West Palm Beach area, with each art venue within easy walking distance of the next. Bring your most comfortable shoes – and your camera – for a day of art exploration. This special event runs through November 22.

Pick Up the Thanksgiving Day Produce
Fresh produce can make your Thanksgiving Day meal even more delicious, so why not pick up the freshest fruits and vegetables in town? If you want the best produce in the West Palm Beach area, just head down to the waterfront for the famous GreenMarket.

The GreenMarket is open on November 21 for your pre-Thanksgiving shopping convenience, and again on November 28 for your post-holiday shopping. You are sure to find plenty of delicious treats no matter when you visit.

Stretch Your Body – and Your Mind
If you are looking for a great way to get some healthy exercise, just head down to the Mandel Public Library on Saturday, November 21. That is where you will find Yoga at Your City Library, a fun an invigorating yoga class for everyone in the West Palm Beach area.

Do not be intimidated if you have never done yoga before. This laid back yoga class is beginner-friendly and lots of fun. Whether you are a yoga enthusiast or a first-timer, you can stretch your way to health.

The West Palm Beach area is always a great place to live, but when the holiday season comes around there is even more to see and do. From healthy exercise classes to lots of family fun, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this November.

A Look at the 2016 Toyota Yaris


Toyota has long been recognized as a leader in the competitive Asian market, but for the past decade the iconic Japanese automaker has been making inroads – and turning heads – in the world market as well. The forward styling and impressive fuel economy for which Toyotas are known has been creating fans in the United States and throughout the rest of the world.

With the 2016 Toyota Yaris, the Japanese car company has come full circle. This small and highly fuel efficient model may seem like a throwback to the good old days, but there is plenty of 21st  century technology under the hood.

Even though the Toyota Yaris is often thought about as a small economy car, Toyota actually classifies it as a sport sedan. Drivers may or may not agree with that assessment, given the fact that the engine under the hood is somewhat skimpy – especially by sports car standards.

The engine in the 2016 Toyota Yaris is a 4-cylinder model – pretty standard for vehicles of its size and pedigree. Some drivers may lament the fact that the standard Toyota Yaris engine is limited to 106 horsepower, but others will be happy to trade a bit of power for exceptional fuel economy.

No matter what side of the fence you find yourself on, the 2016 Toyota Yaris is well worth a test drive. Throughout the years, Toyota has proven again and again that it knows what its customers want, and modern drivers are looking for fuel economy, a low cost of ownership and a vehicle that is fun to drive. The 2016 Toyota Yaris fits the bill in all three categories, providing drivers with a fun vehicle that is safe and easy to handle. That 106 horsepower engine may not provide many thrills, but it is certainly powerful enough for daily driving. From highway driving and merging off the exit to driving around town, this vehicle provides plenty of energy for drivers to enjoy.

If you are shopping for a new vehicle and want to give the 2016 Toyota Yaris a test drive, you can choose from two different transmissions. The 2016 model Yaris comes with either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission. Driving enthusiasts may prefer the fun of the standard transmission, but daily commuters may be more comfortable with the automatic.

No matter which option they choose, drivers will get plenty of mileage for their money. Fuel economy has always been a bright sport for Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs, and the 2016 Yaris is certainly no exception. With a fuel economy rating of 33 miles per gallon in the city and an impressive 42 mpg on the highway, the Yaris is one of the most economical vehicles on the market.

The Toyota Yaris may not be the only economical sedan in its class, but it is certainly one of the best. Whether you are looking for a daily driver, a safe car for a new driver or a replacement for an older Toyota sedan, the 2016 Yaris is definitely worth a look.

A Look at the Toyota Ever Better Expedition

If you drive a Toyota car, truck or SUV, you already know how fun the vehicle is to drive. Whether you drive the fuel sipping Prius or a rugged Toyota pickup truck, you love the feeling of hitting open road, spending time with family and friends or driving to your favorite weekend getaway.

While the vast majority of Toyota owners love their vehicles and drive them every day, some Toyota fans want to take things even further. That is where the Toyota Ever Better Expedition comes in. This unique events puts drivers behind the wheel and lets them tackle the biggest challenges of their lives.

Over the course of 110 days, Toyota drivers will be tackling the toughest roads on the continents, from the winding highways of the California coastline to the twisting mountain roads that snake through the Rocky Mountains of the West.

Those drivers will also be putting their Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs to the best as they head up and down the icy roads this coming winter, and as they engage on rocky hill climbs that will challenge even the most intrepid drivers. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, you simply must tune in and see what the Toyota Ever Better Expedition is all about.

While you are certainly free to put your own Toyota to the test, the Toyota Ever Better Expedition is touted as a way for Toyota employees to get out from behind their desks and hit the open road. For the 110 days of the Toyota Ever Better Expedition, 140 team members will be doing just that – stepping away from their daily duties and getting some first-hand experience behind the wheel.

While this project may seem like a lot of fun, there is a serious goal behind it all. The Toyota Ever Better Expedition is intended to give Toyota engineers and other key members of the carmaker’s team a chance to experience what buyers do when they head down an icy road in winter, climb down a steep embankment or twist through a curvy mountain road.

The understanding Toyota engineers and team members gain during the Toyota Ever Better Expedition will make them better at their jobs and help them design cars, trucks and SUVs that are even safer and even more fun to drive. The results of this seemingly fun project will be felt for years to come – and ordinary Toyota buyers will be the real winners.

You can follow the progress of your favorite Toyota engineers and team members as they embark on the journey of a lifetime. During the 110 days the Toyota Ever Better Expedition is in action, those team members will cover some 16,500 miles – traversing roads and enjoying the open air from coast to coast and all around the continent.

You can even follow the action on an interactive map provided by Toyota. If the Toyota Ever Better Expedition comes to your town, be sure to stop by and see what the excitement is all about.