Toyota 2016 Sienna – Best New Car for Families

Already an award winner, the 2016 Toyota Sienna has been named the best new car for families according to Car and Driver. In a highly competitive niche, this is not small feat for a minivan to achieve. Moreover, this isn’t merely a best family van or family SUV category; this category is for best overall family vehicle. If you are in the market for a new family trickster, there are some incredibly good reasons to check out the stylish 2016 Sienna.

It’s Got Pep
One reason the 2016 Sienna has drivers excited is due to its innate pep. You won’t have to sigh in disappoint over any sluggish pickup. This family car has get-up-and-go energy that adds to the pleasure of driving it. Its powerful V6 engine with its 6-speed automatic delivers a robust drive experience from start to finish. Power aside, the 2016 Toyota Sienna also features improved stability that makes it ideal for handling in inclement weather–an important feature for any model billed as a family vehicle.

Look Out for These Improvements
Toyota hasn’t made a slew of dramatic changes for this Sienna update, but the changes it has made to the exterior and interior make a world of difference. For one, the 2016 Sienna features a redesigned grill and bumpers that enhance its style. New headlights and taillights offer an updated look for the Sienna’s exterior. These design changes, while adding to the vehicle’s performance, definitely enhance its good looks. With the largest cargo area in its class, the 2016 Toyota Sienna also offers some positive interior changes that are sure to impress car shoppers. An increased emphasis on interior aesthetic appeal gives this car a much-needed boost in the style department.

First Choice for Families
The next-generation Toyota Sienna boasts some exceptional features that make it the ideal family vehicle, so it’s no huge surprise that it has been named the best of the best in family cars for 2016. As a top safety pick, the 2016 Sienna provides families with the innovative safety features they’ve come to rely on in best minivan designs. Great fuel economy is another reason this vehicle scores points with industry experts. For families that rely on their vehicle each day, exceptional fuel efficiency is a must.

With room for seven, the 2016 Sienna provides a spacious interior whether you’re taking a family road trip or carting half the soccer team to practice. Toyota has also installed an emergency brake feature, an emergency aid kit, safety child locks, and zone automatic climate control for enhanced comfort.

Comfort, performance, and fuel economy are just some of the reasons the 2016 Toyota Sienna has been named best family car by industry experts. By getting to know the vehicle’s onboard technology and other standout features, you may decide that this family minivan is setting new standards for the family vehicle niche.

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