The B1G ONE Sales Event

It’s big… and it’s back. The B1G ONE Sales event is BACK at Royal Palm Toyota, and this year, we’ve got all the right numbers.


Stroll down the new car section onsite, or scroll through the new car section online! This month, we’re pulling out all the stops to get our best deals to our clients. Why not check out the bold new Camry? With its stylish front grill, classy frame, and award-winning safety features, it’s sure to please.


Not your style? Then there’s more! Toyota also serves up a mean outdoorsy vehicle for the hiking mom or adventurous college student. Pile the backseat with your gear and head off in Toyota’s tough, cool, crossover sport utility vehicle. Whether you’re driving to a dusty campground for s’mores or spending the weekend parked next to the water, the RAV4 can handle it all.


The Camry and RAV4 are two of Toyota’s best performers, but what about the car that made green mainstream? Save the planet in a new Prius: the hybrid that started it all. Fourteen years after its inception, the Prius remains innovative, dependable, and loved by owners all over the world.

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