The B1G ONE Sales Event

It’s big… and it’s back. The B1G ONE Sales event is BACK at Royal Palm Toyota, and this year, we’ve got all the right numbers.


Stroll down the new car section onsite, or scroll through the new car section online! This month, we’re pulling out all the stops to get our best deals to our clients. Why not check out the bold new Camry? With its stylish front grill, classy frame, and award-winning safety features, it’s sure to please.


Not your style? Then there’s more! Toyota also serves up a mean outdoorsy vehicle for the hiking mom or adventurous college student. Pile the backseat with your gear and head off in Toyota’s tough, cool, crossover sport utility vehicle. Whether you’re driving to a dusty campground for s’mores or spending the weekend parked next to the water, the RAV4 can handle it all.


The Camry and RAV4 are two of Toyota’s best performers, but what about the car that made green mainstream? Save the planet in a new Prius: the hybrid that started it all. Fourteen years after its inception, the Prius remains innovative, dependable, and loved by owners all over the world.

Summer Fun in West Palm Beach

If you live in West Palm Beach or in the surrounding area, it’s always good to enjoy some of the local flavor. There are many events that can help break up the monotony of everyday life. As an added benefit, you’ll learn more about your community and maybe even make some friends.

For the past twenty-five years, the area has hosted the Palm Beach Shakespeare Festival. The annual event started off at the Duncan Theater, which is located on the Palm Beach Community College campus.

Today, the festival is held in the city of Jupiter, Florida at Carlin Park. The name was also changed to Shakespeare by the Sea: A Renaissance Festival and Play-in-the-Park. With the change in venue, the event was an overnight success, with over 10,000 eager individuals attending during a single weekend. For that reason alone, Shakespeare by the Sea continues going strong today.

Thanks to the popularity of the Shakespeare productions, the Carlin Park Amphitheatre was constructed as the permanent home of the festival. You get the unique chance to see a Shakespeare play out on in the open air, where you can sit on the grass, bring a picnic and enjoy the entertainment.

With so many plays having been written by Shakespeare, the production company behind the annual festival rotates what they put on. Among past options have been Macbeth, As You Like It, Romeo and Juliet, The Comedy of Errors, Much Ado About Nothing, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and many more.

Another popular event for people who live in areas like Greenacres, Boynton Beach and Lake Worth is Summer in Paradise. It’s held in the city of West Palm Beach and is open to people of all ages. Instead of being a single event, Summer in Paradise is a whole string of activities that take place during the summer months.

Many of the Summer in Paradise events focus on the rich artistic resources present in the area. One is the Northwood Village Art Walk, which is held on the second Saturday of June, July and August. People can walk through the historic village as part of guided tours. Over ten different art galleries and a number of unique shops are present, making it a fun experience every time.

On the third Sunday of each summer month, the Sunday on the Waterfront concert series is held. Different artists from a variety of musical genres play at the West Palm Beach Waterfront, making for a great way to cool off in the evening and enjoy some culture.

Toyota Improves on the Tacoma for 2016

To call the Tacoma a near-perfect machine is pretty accurate, but even Toyota knew there were some areas of the truck that could stand some improvement. Now, the company has finally given everyone a peek at the 2016 model, which marks a significant redesign and the start of a new generation.

Instead of completely redoing the previous generation of the Tacoma, the 2016 model simply builds on what made the 2015 great. That means it has about the same dimensions as the previous model. Thanks to some aggressive, more angular exterior designs, the pickup truck looks significantly different and more modern, which increases its overall appeal.

The beauty of the 2016 Tacoma isn’t just skin-deep. Underneath the sheet metal might be the same frame as the one used for the 2015 version of the truck, but it does feature some improvements. Thanks to some high-strength steel reinforcements, rigidity has been improved. That boosts safety and performance. The suspension has also been re-tuned, making the truck more manageable on pavement and capable on trails.

Speaking of capability, the Tacoma TRD Off-Road is loaded with some standard equipment that’s perfect for tackling rugged terrain. Crawl Control helps drivers take on especially tough situations where lesser vehicles don’t even dare to venture, taking the whole thing in stride. The Multi-Terrain Select system also takes the guesswork out of dealing with different surfaces, such as sand or mud, allowing the driver to concentrate on the pathway and not as many details.

One big sign that Toyota crafted the 2016 Tacoma for modern drivers has to do with the front end. It comes with a standard GoPro camera mount. Owners can attach the popular camera to the vehicle and conveniently record all of the action on a trail or road, making it easy to create videos to be shared on social media.

One of the biggest set of upgrades comes with the updating of the cab. The base SR5 trim gains a full-color 4.2-inch info display, while the TRD Sport boasts a Qi wireless charging system for mobile devices. Limited models pump up the luxury factor with embossed leather treatments and a power moonroof.

Since the 2016 Tacoma was made for modern truck owners, it’s also packed with some impressive safety features. Projector-beam headlights perfectly illuminate the road at night, plus make it easier for other drivers to see the pickup. An optional Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert makes the driver aware of potential accidents that are out of sight.

Even the powertrain is getting upgraded. Specific output figures haven’t been announced by Toyota, but the Tacoma will be powered by either a 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine or a 3.5-liter V-6 that uses an Atkinson power cycle for improved fuel consumption.

It might seem like an insignificant upgrade for the 2016 Tacoma, but Toyota has announced that the truck will come with a locking tailgate. This is an improvement over the last model, and will surely be a source of appreciation for Toyota fans.

Five Ways to Easily Boost Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

Even when gas prices aren’t sky-high, boosting fuel efficiency is a good idea. Not only can you save more of your hard-earned cash, you will also cut down on your contribution to air pollution.

Boosting your car’s fuel efficiency doesn’t have to be hard, as the following five examples clearly demonstrate.

5. Shed the junk
Plenty of people haul around extra items in their car, and they might not even be aware that it is causing a problem. Every extra pound means the engine has to work harder, which in turn burns more gas. That means ditching books, exercise equipment you keep meaning to use and any other random items that serve no purpose. If there’s anything that’s not absolutely essential in your vehicle, the best policy is to remove it. A good practice to get into is to clean out the car and remove unnecessary items at least once a month, if not weekly.

4. Stop idling
When you sit in your car without moving, yet the engine is running, you’re wasting a tremendous amount of gas to go nowhere. That means each time you’re sitting in a drive through or are waiting to pick up someone, you should be in the habit of turning off the engine, only turning it back on when it’s time to drive off. It’s all about forming the habit, which can be a little difficult at first but will eventually become just a part of your routine.

3. Keep the tires inflated
Most car owners don’t really think about their tires until something bad happens with them. A good habit is to check the tire pressure every time you get some gas, helping you stay aware of when they lose pressure and need to be topped off. When the tires are low, the engine has to work harder to get the car going and keep it rolling down the road. That leads to more gasoline being burned. The lower the tires are, the worse the problem becomes.

2. Combine trips
Take a moment and plan out when you need to run errands. By combining different trips into one longer excursion, you’ll actually burn less gas overall. That’s because a cold engine operates much less efficiently than one that’s warm. The best way to go about it is to drive to the destination that’s furthest from your home first, working your way back until you finish with the errand that’s closest to your house. This shouldn’t take you very long to figure out, making it a quick and simple habit to acquire.

1. Drive less aggressively
When you’re constantly pushing the gas pedal to the floor, slamming on the brakes, exceeding the speed limit, etc. you aren’t driving efficiently. The US EPA says that driving that way can lower fuel economy by about 5 percent when traveling on city streets, or about 33 percent on the highway. There literally are financial rewards for calming down and driving more sensibly, beyond avoiding speeding tickets.

Toyota Forges Ahead with Fuel Cell Tech

Toyota has unabashedly declared that it thinks the future fuel of automobiles is hydrogen. To back up this bold assertion, the automaker has boldly forged ahead with the Mirai, which is the first production hydrogen-powered model from the automaker.

Some people wrongly think that fuel cells are a new technology, like they’re a big experiment that could go wrong. The reality is that Toyota knows what it’s doing with using hydrogen to power the Mirai. In the not too-distant future, even more vehicles could be powered by the alternative fuel, sparking a true revolution in how everyone gets around. In other words, the company is on the verge of something big, and it’s been careful to ensure that it will deliver everything consumers expect and deserve.

Back in 1995, Toyota created its first fuel cell stack, which is essential to make hydrogen fuel cell vehicles work. The company has been working tirelessly since, improving on the design to the point that it has been perfected enough for everyday use by the public.

Keep in mind that Toyota has a history of starting revolutions in the automotive industry. After all, it created the Prius, which became a huge global sensation and made gasoline-electric hybrid powertrains much more common.

The hydrogen system has two fuel tanks made of carbon fiber. When air flows through the Toyota Mirai’s front grills, it is redirected to the fuel cell stack. The hydrogen also travels to the fuel cell stack, where it reacts with the oxygen to create electricity. A motor is powered by the electricity, turning the wheels so the car travels down the road. One of the most amazing things about the whole process is that the only byproduct is water, which exits the vehicle through the tailpipe.

Thanks to extensive testing, Toyota has proven that fuel cell powertrains are safe to use. After two decades, the company has used the innovative technology in just about every climate and driving condition on the planet. It’s racked up millions of miles of tests on public roads and private tracks, pushing designs to their limits.

The technology has also been through numerous crash tests and experiments on the integrity of the fuel tanks themselves, all with the aim of ensuring that the fuel cell system is ready to provide a safe and reliable means of getting members of the public around. As a result, the company has built in numerous safety systems, like shut-off valves that automatically cut off the fuel tanks when a crash has been detected by sensors.